September 18, 2018

Classroom Guide

Fall 2020 Note: For updated and current information about the furnishings, seating capabilities, and technologies available in your room during the 2020-2021 school year, please consult 25Live.

Please note that ALL scheduled classrooms in Fall 2020 are now equipped with

  • an instructor computer
  • a webcam attached to the instructor computer
  • a doc cam for presenting materials
  • amplification for faculty (through a microphone setup at the instructor station)
  • an HDMI connection in case you prefer to bring your own laptop (bring your own adapter if needed)

ITS has created a Quick Guide to Fall 2020 Classroom Technologies which you can download; a copy will be placed in each classroom. For more suggestions about organizing your course and engaging students in the new face-to-face class arrangements, please see our Fall 2020 F2F and Hybrid Teaching guide pages.

New! If you want to visit a classroom to try out the new layouts and technology, the following classrooms will be open August 20-21 and August 24-28, 9:00am to 5:00pm. (These classrooms are otherwise not in use this semester.) They are equipped similarly to other Mason classrooms this fall. There will not be on-site assistance, but a technology guide sheet will be available in the room.

  • Engineering (ENGR) 1108
  • Buchanan (BUCH) D001
  • Buchanan (BUCH) D003
  • Van Metre (VM) 118
  • Van Metre (VM) 120
  • Katherine Johnson Hall (KGJ) 134

The Classroom Guide teaching advice below — about using these and other in-room technologies, designing pedagogical strategies, and working with students — is still available and relevant.

This Classroom Guide includes most centrally-scheduled Mason classrooms. Laboratories, conference rooms, and other spaces that are operated by departments or programs may not be listed here; please contact your department or unit for information about these spaces. Updates including Cabrera Global Center classrooms are coming soon.

The guide is designed to provide faculty members with information about the features of their classrooms and the kind of teaching and learning opportunities those features may support. The instructions provided in this guide should be seen as starting points: additional technological and pedagogical support is available through a range of offices on campus. For more assistance, please see our FAQs page.

The guide is brought to you through a collaboration of the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning, Classroom Support, Learning Space Design, and Faculty Affairs & Development, under the direction of the Learning Environments Group. These pages are intended as an instructional supplement to the location information provided by 25Live.

This guide opened in August 2018. We are continuing to expand and update this resource. Please send all queries, kudos, suggestions, or corrections to

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Arlington Campus

Van Meter (ARLVM)

Hazel Hall (ARL1)

Fairfax Campus

Art & Design (AB)

Aquia Hall (AQ)

Blue Ridge (BL)

Buchanan Hall (BUCHAN)

David King Hall (DK)

East Building (E)

Engineering Building (ENGR)

Enterprise Hall (ENT)

Exploratory Hall (EXPL)

Innovation Hall (IN)

Krug Hall (KH)

Lecture Hall (LH)

Merten Hall (MERTEN)

Music Theater Building (MTB)

Peterson Hall (PETRSN)

Planetary Hall (PLANET)

Research Hall (RSCH)

Robinson Hall B (R)

Sandbridge (SNDBGE)

Thompson Hall (T)

West Building (W)

Loudoun Campus

Signal Hill (LSH)

SciTech Campus

Katherine Johnson Hall (PW-KJH)

Colgan Hall (PW-CH)


These pages are under development, and more resources are coming in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. For additional technology assistance, please see our FAQ page.

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