Teaching Online

What Steps Can I Take for a Successful Online Teaching Experience?

Transitioning a course to an online format can be a complex process that holds tremendous teaching and learning potential. Selecting online learning activities and assessments that effectively support the course learning outcomes requires a great deal of planning. The following resources have been created to assist you with planning for your online course.


How to Access a Sample Blackboard Template?

View a Sample Basic Blackboard Site with Resources and/or Upload a Basic Blackboard Course Template

  1. View a site. All faculty are invited to view and explore our Sample Basic Blackboard Site.
    1. This site models the basic information you would want to provide for your students, in a clear and accessible structure.
    2. Please note that guest access gives you just a preview, but you cannot edit or even view all sections.
  2. View and download advice and resources. On the Sample Basic Blackboard Site you can view our folder of resources and advice for faculty that you may find helpful: see "Facilitation Toolbox" in the left-hand green menu (you may need to click-and-drag this menu over if you're using a mobile device or other small screen).
  3. OPTION A: Remodel your Blackboard site to match the Sample by uploading our Template. 
    1. To request a copy of the template, please follow the instructions here (link).

      1. Update your course site menuOnce you install the template, all the new sections will appear at the bottom of your left-hand menu. In Edit Mode, you can click to the left of a menu item to drag it up toward the top of the menu; you can click on the gray chevron to the right to rename, hide, or delete any item
    2. This template will NOT delete any of your current Blackboard materials. Everything you see in the template will be available when you import the .zip file into your own course, including assignments and the quiz access in the weekly lessons.
  4. OPTION B: Add a FEW Sample resources to your Bb site. If you have already developed a working Blackboard site but would like to have easy access to some basic resources, you can take a look at our Minimalist Site Outline and then follow the directions on this handout to install a set of basic instructor resources (about Collaborate, Discussions, and other basic tools) that are part of the Minimalist Site directly into your Blackboard course.

How to Design My Online Course?

How to Build My Online Course?

How to Prepare My Students for Online Learning?

How to Teach My Online Course?

How Does My Online Course & Online Teaching Show Quality?

How to Connect to a Network of Online Faculty and Designers?