September 13, 2019


Teachers need love, too! They don’t always know how much impact they have on students and you may not realize how much they helped until months or years after a course. The Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning invites you to please take a moment today and thank a teacher at Mason who has made a difference in your life! Help spread the word about this program by posting our flyer.

Please submit your note of appreciation via this online form.

You can submit separate forms for as many past or present teachers as you wish. You can even remain anonymous if you prefer. Your notes will be sent to the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning for inclusion in a formal recognition letter from the Provost to the teacher you are thanking.

When will notes be delivered?
Thank you notes submitted between now and the end of June will be delivered to instructors in August. Thank you notes submitted after June will be delivered in August of the following year.

Student Reviews

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