July 23, 2018

Annual Conference (ITL)

Notice: We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation as it evolves.  At this time, the conference is unaffected. We will post any changes to the conference format or status here.  Please visit www2.gmu.edu/coronavirus for University updates.

12th Annual Theme: “Teaching Towards the Future”

Friday, September 25, 2020


Johnson Center, Fairfax Campus

SEEKING SESSION PROPOSALS: We are no longer accepting session proposals.  For submission link and more details, see RFP page.

SEEKING REVIEWERS: We are no longer seeking reviewers. Thank you to the faculty, staff, and graduate students who volunteered to review conference proposals.

What does reviewing entail?  Typically, we ask people to review 6-10 proposals, and it takes about 1-2 hours to complete. Proposals are ~1 page of information. You will have a scoring rubric to evaluate the proposals (for audience, topic, theme connection, Mason-focus, and context) with room for comments/suggestions and assign an overall score. Proposal reviews are submitted through a Qualtrics Form by the Wednesday after spring break.

Interested?  Please complete our reviewer volunteer form.  We will follow up with volunteers early March with their proposal assignments and more details.

Join us for a day of 30+ inspiring conference sessions (workshops, roundtables, activity showcases/demos, and a poster reception led by Mason instructors and our keynote speaker) that showcase strategies and tips to support student learning in and out of the classroom.

Faculty from all ranks/disciplines, graduate students, and members of support offices are welcome.

THEME: “The Future of Teaching”

KEYNOTE: Bryan Alexander

Access a FREE copy of Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education 



We are delighted to announce that this year, the ITL conference is hosting a few ITL-related workshops on Friday, September 25th, that are organized by other groups on campus. These workshops are open to ITL attendees and are included in the conference program, but are also open those in the Mason community not attending the conference. These events may have a separate registration or check in process at the door.


Curious what ITL is all about?  Watch our short videos:

2019 Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference

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10th Anniversary Video: 2018 Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference

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