June 13, 2018

Teaching Excellence

Outstanding teaching is an integral part of Mason’s mission and is deserving of significant recognition. The Teaching Excellence Awards are both institutional recognition and a monetary acknowledgment of the significant work that faculty members devote to course planning and preparation; curriculum development; and innovative teaching, advising, and undergraduate and graduate mentoring. We urge you to take this opportunity to recognize teaching excellence at Mason; please nominate someone you view as an outstanding educator for this honor.

Nomination Process:

The George Mason University Teaching Excellence Awards are open to all faculty members with at least 3 years of teaching experience at George Mason. In addition, Mason offers a Teaching Excellence Award for special recognition in General Education and, special recognition in High Impact Learning. Nominees for the General Education recognition should have taught general education courses at least three of the last six years; nominations for the High Impact Learning recognition should have taught courses aligned with Mason Impact guidelines in three of the past five years. Nominations from students, faculty members, or administrators are welcome.

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact contact us.

Nomination Deadline: Closed for 2018.

Method: Nominations can be brief. Please write 2-3 paragraphs explaining why you believe this person should be considered for a teaching award.

Send Nominations to: The Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning stearns@gmu.edu.


Submissions will be evaluated according to the following guidelines:

For more assistance, please see our suggestions on Documenting Your Teaching.

The Selection Process:

  1. Nominations will be accepted through Tuesday, October 9, 2018 – Closed
  2. Nominees will provide a 5-page teaching vita and a 5-page teaching statement to the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning by Monday, November 5, 2018. (Electronic format, please) – Closed
  3. The Committee will select and announce finalists in mid-December 2018.
  4. Finalists will provide a detailed teaching portfolio by Monday, February 11, 2019.
  5. The Teaching Excellence Award winners will be selected by early April 2019.
  6. A ceremony will honor the 2018 Teaching Excellence Award winners in April 2019. Winners receive a $3000 stipend (subject to taxes).

  Teaching Excellence Award Winners