Information for Presenters

Notice: Due to COVID-19, the conference will be held online again this year.   Please visit for University updates.

For Presenters


We ask that you please register for the conference, regardless of how much of the conference you plan to attend. There are several benefits to registration: 

  • It’s FREE!
  • It helps us for several bookkeeping and logistical reasons 
  • It allows you to personalize your presenter profile in Sched, the conference scheduling app 

Please help spread the word by encouraging faculty and graduate instructors in your department to register and attend. If you have questions or concerns about registration, please email the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning 

Presenter Preparation and Support: 

We will be offering presenter preparation sessions in July, August, and September. Past presenters who prefer an asynchronous refresher of the most important details for the conference will have the option of watching a video instead.  

On Demand Resource Video

Live Session Resource Video


Conference Schedule: 

Your session details, session day/time, and presenter information (names and bios) will be published in the Sched App for the conference and in the conference proceedingsPlease plan to check the Sched App the day of for any presenter updates/unexpected link or time changes. The at-a-glance conference schedule can be found on the Conference Schedule page

Submitting Conference Materials: 

Please submit your conference materials by August 30, 2021 and save each file as: surname-session title-file name. You will need to specify the type of materials you are submitting: 

  1. Live Session Supplementary Materials: You are presenting at a live session and have materials you want attached to the live session. These materials will be published with the same DOI as the live session in our Conference Proceedings. 
  1. On Demand Materials Associated with a Live Session: You are presenting at a live session, but you have materials that you want published as a unique entry with its own DOI. It will not be attached to the live session and instead will be listed as a separate On Demand session. 
  1. On Demand Materials: You are submitting materials for your On Demand session. These materials are not associated with any live session. 

Please submit documents, presentation slides, or posters as PDFs, and submit videos as MP4s. Maximum upload is 300 MB. If you want multiple files to appear in a specific order, include this information in the comment box (e.g., 1-Video, 2-Assignment Directions, 3-Grading Rubric). Please read through the instructions and submit materials via this submission form.  

Details by Session Type: 

Preparing for a pedagogy conference can be different than preparing for a conference in your discipline.  Please select the link below for more details on how to prepare for your specific session type. 

Collaborative Partner Event Sessions 

On Demand Collection (Videos, Posters, Teaching Artifacts) 

Q&A Sessions (with themed groups of On Demand presenters) 

Stearns Center Showcase Sessions 

Teaching Squares Social 

Workshops, Panels, and Roundtables 

Session Updates or Revisions:
Please double check that the details for your session are accurate and up to date in both Sched and the Conference ProceedingsYou can submit any requested updates via our Session Update Request Form. 

Need help? 

Please contact the Stearns Center with any logistical concerns ( or the 2021 Conference Director, Katie Skipper, with any session “lesson plan” concerns ( 

 Need Zoom help? 

Zoom tutorial videos and resources 

Zoom Session Tips