Working with Student Athletes

George Mason University has over 500 student-athletes engaged in over 20 different sports, representing us in intercollegiate competition while they pursue their college degrees. Each year, the university president appoints a faculty athletic representative to focus on student-athletes’ academic success and well-being. The faculty representative is asked to ensure that these students succeed academically while competing at some of the highest levels available in their events.

Faculty may receive mid-semester progress report requests for student-athletes by email. Sharing information about student-athletes with their athletic and academic advisers in this way is allowed under FERPA regulations; this feedback is taken seriously by advisers and can be vital in supporting student success.

One of the most frequent challenges faculty encounter in supporting student-athletes comes in providing accommodations for coursework or examinations that students need to complete that is affected by their competition schedule. Students are encouraged to consult with faculty well in advance of these events, and faculty may consider options such as

  • asking students to complete coursework ahead of time
  • asking students to complete coursework by a new deadline
  • asking students to complete exams on the Mason campus, at a reasonable time before or after the athletic event, using the university testing center if needed
  • asking students to complete coursework or exams on the road, using a testing center at the institution they are visiting if needed

Questions or concerns about how to support student-athletes can be directed to the faculty athletic representative (see information below).

The faculty athletic representative is:
Dominique Banville, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Health and Human Performance
Academic Program Coordinator, Health and Physical Education Licensure Program
College of Education and Human Development