Online Course Quality

The Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning at George Mason University is committed to supporting excellence in online courses and online teaching that meet and exceed research-based quality standards. The Center’s Digital Learning Team has adapted standards to design a recommended inventory of quality indicators for faculty to consider when designing and teaching their online course. These guidelines provide a list of important online course design and teaching elements, reflecting online quality standards and selected examples.

Please be mindful that the Stearns Center does not provide certification of online courses based on these guidelines. The intention is to assist and guide instructors in designing quality online courses to reflect key teaching elements that foster student engagement and active learning.

Faculty Self-Checklist

Use Faculty Self-Checklist to review your online course and online teaching.

Quality Assurance Checklist and Guidelines

Our Quality Assurance Checklist and Guidelines cover both faculty self-checklist and the essential guidelines to include a list of quality indicators for each quality area and examples of how each indicator can be demonstrated in an online course.

This is an extensive document, and we highly encourage you to schedule an appointment with our QA team if you have any questions regarding this. Please contact the QA Team to request a copy of this extensive document. You can indicate whether you need a brief consultation with our QA team in the email.

Online Course Quality: Essential Elements

Use Online Course Quality: Essential Elements to get the most out of your course with these must-have quality elements.

Essential Elements Infographic


Contact QA TEAM

For any questions regarding Online Course Audit and/or Quality Assurance, please contact: