Current and Past FLCs

Current Faculty Learning Communities 2017-2018

Open Educational Resources
Our Open Educational Resources (OERs) Faculty Learning Community starts in February 2018. This community will help faculty identify, use, and develop OERs for the classroom. Monthly meetings will focus on topics such as finding and evaluating OERs, copyright and fair use, developing original materials, publishing alternatives and options, and how to measure success.

Leaders: Constance Harris, Stearns Center, and John Warren, Mason Publishing Group
Accepting new members until: Ongoing
To learn more or join this community, contact Constance Harris (

The Mindful Classroom
The Mindful Classroom learning community, open to all Mason faculty, is a collegial exploration of the role that mindfulness (and related contemplative practices) can play in student learning, pedagogical methods, and student success. We will examine how each faculty participant can develop his or her own mindfulness practice and how that kind of self-care discipline can make us more effective educators. We will look at some of the scholarly research about mindfulness and learning, especially in regard to university settings. And we will brainstorm (and even practice together) some classroom activities that can cultivate students’ attentiveness, capacity for emotional regulation and emotional reappraisal, and capacity for stress management and resilience. A short term goal would be to support the well-being of the faculty participants, and a longer-term goal would be the development of classroom practices that would support students in their learning and overall well-being.

We are planning to have this Faculty Learning Community run for both Fall and Spring semesters, and we are especially interested in participants who can potentially be involved for the full academic year.

    Leader: Mark Thurston, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
    Accepting new members until: Ongoing
    To learn more or join this community, contact Mark Thurston (
    Spring 2018 meeting times: Thursdays Noon to 1:15 pm (February 1, March 1, April 5 and May3)


Teaching Writing in All Disciplines
This learning community, open to all Mason faculty, will focus on best practices for teaching with writing, including effective writing assignment design, the “scaffolding” of writing courses, the integration of writing assignments with course goals, and models for in- and out-of-class opportunities for students to learn more about the rhetorical nature of writing. Faculty will investigate models of writing that promote learning, explore the different genres most associated with the content of their courses, and work closely with others to workshop assignments, teaching strategies, and their responses to/evaluation of student work. Attendees will be given copies of The Elements of Teaching Writing: A Resource for Instructors in All Disciplines and PDFs of three additional supplemental readings on work with multilingual writers, teaching for transfer, and expectations for writers.

    Leader: Tom Polk, Writing Across the Curriculum
    Accepting new members until: Ongoing
    To learn more or join this community, contact Tom Polk (


Faculty Mentoring Faculty
This learning community, based in the INTO Mason program but also including faculty mentors from other programs, will study best practices in faculty peer mentoring, articulate objectives for a faculty mentoring program, design structures for faculty mentoring programs, and develop methods for assessment and evaluation of faculty mentoring. The FLC will focus on increasing faculty engagement for purposes of supporting each other and growing and developing as faculty members with the intended outcome of promoting well-being, encouraging educational innovation and excellence, and promoting an organizational culture where diverse members can thrive.

    Leaders: Sharon Doetsch-Kidder, Christina Brady, and Aimee Weinstein, INTO Mason
    Accepting new members until: Membership now closed
    To learn more or join this community, contact Sharon Doetsch-Kidder (


Building Better Literature Survey Courses
This learning community based in the English Department will investigate the nature and value of literary study in the contemporary context, and work to develop literature survey courses at the 300 level that enhance curricular cohesion and help students acquire robust and capacious knowledge of literary history and cultural contexts. Discussions will be informed by shared readings of both recent scholarly work on teaching undergraduate literature and by the longer history of literature curricula in the modern university. Members of this learning community will also work to design and implement new literature survey courses that reflect our shared pedagogical goals.

    Leaders: Eric Anderson, Tamara Harvey, and Alok Yadav, English
    Accepting new members until: Membership now closed
    To learn more or join this community, contact Tamara Harvey (


Course (Re)Design Academy 2017
This learning community continues the work of the June 2017 Course (Re)Design Academy. Members who are piloting their (re)designed courses will meet to assess and continue to revise their courses, focusing on active learning, course cohesion and alignment, relevant and authentic assessment, and opportunities for flipped or hybrid learning. To find out more about the Stearns Center’s Course (Re)Design Academy for 2018, see our CRA Overview page.

    Leader: Terri Ann Guingab, CHHS
    Accepting new members: Membership closed
    To learn more, contact the Stearns Center (


Previous Faculty Learning Communities

2014-2016: Self-Study Scholars Collaborative

2013-2014: Social Justice Scholars and Educators