Coffee and Conversation

Ready for a Finals Week Break?
Check out our Coffee & Conversation meet-ups!

Are you

  • Looking for some friendly encouragement to finish the last lap?
  • Interested in meeting some other faculty at Mason?
  • Seeking a good excuse to take a break from grading?
  • Hoping to find just One More Zoom Meeting to hit your 10,000 Zooms mark?

We can help! Join a Stearns Center staff member and up to seven other faculty for a 45-minute Finals Week chat about...anything! We're always up for conversations about teaching, but if you'd prefer, we can talk about crafts, kids, pets, sports, books, gardening, travel (real or dreamed-of), recipes (did you join the great "pandemic learn-to-bake" movement?), or movies/tv.

How does this work?

  1. Sign up at least 48 hours in advance for a time, Monday May 10 through Thursday May 13
    1. 10:30-11:15 Coffee & Conversation (BYOC)
    2. 4:30-5:15 "Coffee" & Conversation (BYO...)
    3. Are we so popular that all the times you can come are full? Holy cow! Please email us to let us know when you'd be available, and we'll work something out!
  2. A Zoom link will be emailed to you prior to your meeting time
  3. Pour yourself a cup of coffee/tea/juice/wine/beer/fancy mojito with umbrella, as suits your situation
  4. All C&Cs will start with a two-minute Rose-Thorn-Seed JamBoard, to help us past that awkward Zoom Silence: "Add a sticky note or three describing a rose (something that's gone well for you, in or out of class, this spring), a thorn (something you've got a question or concern about, in or out of class, this spring), and/or a seed (a hope, dream, plan, or niggling idea you're considering for the upcoming month/year/decade)."
  5. Talk! These might be full-room conversations, full-room plus chat/jam posts, or breakout rooms: you choose!

That's it! Check in with us if you have questions or suggestions. We hope to see you soon!