Classroom Observations

Interested faculty and GTAs can request a consultant to observe one of their classes in order to receive feedback about any aspect of their teaching and learning practices.  The observation process involves three components:

  • A meeting prior to the observation to discuss the course, your objectives, and your approach to reaching those objectives. This meeting gives you an opportunity to discuss what will be occurring on the day of observation and how it fits into your larger course goals. Moreover, you can identify any issues for which you would like the observer to pay close attention.
  • The class visit itself.
  • A post-observation meeting to discuss the classroom visit; clarify any questions or issues; and plan strategies for any changes that both you and the observer together believe will lead to improvement.

Classroom Observation Form (PDF file)

Confidentiality Statement and Policy: The CTFE respects the confidentiality of individuals who participate in the consultation process. Center staff will not share your private information except to confirm, should you desire it, that you have taken advantage of our service.