Stearns Center Showcase Sessions


Stearns Center Showcase Sessions 

Conveners, Co-Conveners, and Panelists: Start here by reading the Showcase Session Guide. 


Session Overview: 

Each of these 90-minute interactive Stearns Center (SC) Showcase sessions have a session convener who will organize and lead the session that runs via Zoom during the conference week. The session convener will coordinate the invited speakers/panelists, who will start the session by sharing a few brief remarks or a lightning talk presentation (no longer than 5 minutes for each panelist/speaker).  Then the session will shift into a roundtable discussion guided by the convener, polls/chat-based activities, a breakout group activity, or some combination of activities.  Invited speakers are expected to prepare a few brief remarks and interact with participants throughout the session activities.  Conveners will reach out to selected speakers with more session specifics.   

Preparing for Your Session:  

Showcase Conveners & Co-Conveners: 

  1. We will be offering convener preparation sessions in August and September. Please check your email for details. 
  1. If you wish to publish any supplementary materials (e.g., syllabi, assignment directions, grading rubrics, activity description, list of top ten tips) to be available pre- and/or post-conference via the ITL Conference Proceedings site, please follow the instructions under “Submitting Conference Materials” on the For Presenters page. All submissions are due by August 30, 2021. 
  1. Schedule a live meeting with your team to review your session plan and practice 
  1. Please connect with your assigned tech host at least once prior to the conference–share with them your session plan and what kind of help you want with Zoom tools. You may wish to invite them to your team meeting. We will send you the name of your assigned tech host via email in August/September. 
  1. You may also find these resources helpful: 
21 ITL Showcase Convener Prep Slides

Showcase Speakers: 

  • Please check with the convener for you session to get the specific session schedule/plans for your session as they vary in terms of format and speaker activities. 

Day of Session: 

Please plan to log in your session 20-30 minutes before the start of your session time (no later than 15 minutes before the session start time) to ensure your connection is working, to touch base with the tech host, and to address any last-minute setup concerns. 

After Your Session: 

Showcase Conveners: 

  • Since these sessions will not be recorded, please plan to prepare a 1-page summary document for your session (after the conference) to share on the ITL Conference Proceedings journal for both attendees and for those who were not able to attend. 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Presenters: As this work will be shared at the conference and published in the conference proceedings, we want to be sure that appropriate measures have been taken to protect students (human subjects).  More information can be found here and you can always confirm with IRB that you are ok to share the results of this project in a public forum. 

Need more help? 

Please reach out to the 2021 Conference Director, Katie Skipper ( with any questions you may have. 

Need Zoom help?

Zoom tutorial videos and resources

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