ITL: Presenter Information

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Innovations in Teaching & Learning conference (ITL)!

As a reminder, your presentation room location, presentation time, and presenter information (names and bios) are published in the conference proceedings. Please plan to check this site the day of for any presenter updates/unexpected room changes. Specific presenter directions can be found below by session type. Please contact the conference director with any concerns (703-993-5743 or

We kindly ask that you register for the conference, regardless of how much of the conference you are able to attend. Having all presenters registered helps us for a number of bookkeeping and logistical reasons, including confirming your intent to show up for your session. If you have questions or concerns about registering, please call the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning (703-993-6200) or email If you missed the pre-registration deadline, there are a limited number of on site registration the day of. Please help spread the word by encouraging faculty and graduate instructors in your department or program to register and attend.

Like previous years, you will have a session host who will introduce you (referencing the bio information you provided for the conference proceedings—you can view your bio information in the ITLCP link above) and help by keeping time for your session. A few days before the conference, you will be emailed the name of your session host volunteer, should you wish to provide them with additional introduction material.

Reminder: ITLCP is an open access electronic journal and materials you submit/post are copyrighted under Creative Commons.

Workshop, Panel, Teaching Activity Showcase, and Traditional Presenters
On the day of the conference, please plan to stop by your presentation room between 8:00am-9:00am or during lunch to test equipment and load your presentation materials. Please also plan to arrive at your session 5-10 minutes early to touch base with the session host introducing you and to address any last-minute setup concerns. As you tweak your presentation plan, we encourage you to make your session an active learning experience and plan time for interaction or discussion amongst the participants. Note: Rooms will be set up in pods to facilitate interaction. If you need to make any modifications to this, please plan to arrive right at the end of the previous session so you have time to adjust and allow a few minutes at end of session to return tables to original set up.

If you wish to publish any supplementary materials (links, handouts, videos, etc.) to be available pre- and/or post-conference, please submit through this link:


Teaching Activity Showcases: Please note that there are two activity showcases per compact session (40 minute session), so each presenter has 15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for transition and audience questions. It’s a bit confusing in the online journal/schedule format as you will see the full 40 minute session listed. In an effort to clarify your personal presentation time, we added the specific 15 minute window for your presentation by the room location information. (We apologize for this, but we have limited options in the online system.) It will be clearer in the print program for attendees. If you have questions, please let us know. The room will be set up with chairs in rows.

If you wish to publish any supplementary materials (links, handouts, videos, etc.) to be available pre- and/or post-conference, please submit through this link:


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Lightning Talk and Roundtable Presenters
We are excited about this unique type of session! In order to make this session work logistically, we ask that you please send your slides no later than the Wednesday before the conference, so that we can assemble all of the presenter slides into one continuous presentation. Because the presentations are being compiled, be sure to include your name and title on your first slide—the goal is to include images and no more than 7 words on each of the remaining slides.

How does a lightning talk work? Each presenter will only have 5 minutes to present their slides/study—it’s a bit of fun competition to see who can finish before the 5-minute bell signal. After everyone has presented (45 minutes), then the session will shift into a roundtable session in which presenters will answer questions from the participants.

If you wish to publish any supplementary materials (links, handouts, videos, etc.) to be available pre and/or post conference, please submit through this link: If you would like to see an example lightning talk, please email


Poster Presenters
We use OSCAR’s standard poster size of 48″ W and 36″ H. Unfortunately, we don’t have funds available to print posters. However, you can make an appointment to print your poster for FREE through SP@RC at Fenwick library through the “Print poster” request on their website Print Services. Reserve a spot as soon as you can! Also, Print Services can print posters on campus for a fee and numerous companies (e.g., Makesigns) can print/ship you the poster for a fee.

Looking for tips on how to design your poster for this type of conference? Join us for a poster design workshop/drop in (Friday, August 31, 2018 10:30-11:30am in Innovation Hall 427) or email Laura Lukes at to discuss ideas.

For the day of the conference, please plan to drop off your poster at registration at any time that day. We will provide easels, boards, and clips to attach your poster to the foam board—all you need to bring is your poster. We will also set up your poster if it is dropped off by 2:30pm the day-of. NOTE: Please check the printed program when you arrive at the conference. While posters will be displayed the entire time, we have split the posters into two shorter presentation time slots within the poster session so you have time to visit the other posters and socialize.

If you wish to publish any supplementary materials (links, handouts, videos, etc.) or a PDF of your poster to be available pre and/or post conference, please submit through this link:


Faculty Conversation Leaders
You don’t need to prepare or submit anything. We simply ask that you check in with the volunteer coordinator at the registration desk some time between 7:45 and 8:00am and sit at particular tables in Dewberry when you arrive and get the conversation going as attendees arrive.

If you wish to share any of your relevant materials (links, handouts, videos, etc.) that may or do come up in these informal conversations, please submit through this link: