Reading Groups

In the evaluations from the Innovations in Teaching & Learning conferences, attendees have noted that they were interested in participating in a reading group where we would read and discuss common texts. Based on this feedback, CTFE hosts such a group every spring semester.

Previous selections:

  • 2012: Stephen Brookfield, Teaching for Critical Thinking
  • 2013: Susan Ambrose (et al.), How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching
  • 2014: José Bowen, Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning
  • 2015: Peter Brown (et al.), Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning
  • 2016: Alison James and Stephen Brookfield, Engaging Imagination

In spring 2017, we’re switching our approach somewhat. In parallel with our 2017 Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference theme, “Learning in a Digital World,” we will be discussing a series of short chapters and articles about a digital-learning topic at each meeting rather than working our way through a single book. Books tend to focus on a single modality, like teaching online or building a blended-learning course, or a single technology, and we’re interested in exploring how teachers and learners across the continuum of modalities can thoughtfully employ digital resources in support of our own educational goals.

We invite you to join our group for the whole semester: even if some meeting topics look more immediately relevant than others, we promise to keep the discussion rooted in our common goals and opportunities as teachers in this “digital world.”

We look forward to another productive, enjoyable semester with our Mason colleagues.

2017 Meetings
All meetings are Thursdays, 12:00-1:30 pm, in Fenwick 1014A. All chapters/articles will be posted electronically.

    January 26 – Teaching first, tools second. Possible texts: DeNoyelles et al. (2016), “Ms/Use of Technology: Reflections on Feminist Pedagogy from the Technological Front Line” and USDOE (2010), “Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis” (excerpts).

    February 2 – In-class and Online: Quizzers, Clickers, and Browsers, Oh My. Texts TBA.

    March 2 – Apart and In-sync: Supporting Learning with Synchronous Conferencing. Texts TBA.

    March 23 – Serial Connections: Using Asynchronous Discussions and Projects to Engage Learners. Texts TBA.

    April 6 – I/You/We: Mediated Identities and Communities. Texts TBA.

    April 20 – Readers’ Choices: Topics and texts suggested by the group. Texts TBA.

REGISTRATION (and the wait list): Registration is first-come, first-served, and will close on Monday December 16Please note that if you are a “no-show” at the first meeting in January, your spot will be given to the next available person on the wait list.

To register and to suggest possible chapters or texts for our consideration, please click here to fill out our Registration Form.

Please note: CTFE will provide all the texts for all participants, but space is limited! Due to high demand, we ask that you make a semester-long commitment to attend all of the reading group sessions and sign up in advance.